Designated Broker

30 Years at the Helm


Bonnie Doll has led American Associates Real Estate through two recessions during her 30 years as Designated Broker and President. Her early experience working in a legal environment imbued her with an appreciation and respect for the law; it has served her well in providing guidance for real estate professionals regarding contracts and client representation as well as establishing comprehensive risk management processes throughout the company.

Bonnie has obtained her Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB), a designation indicating a high level of professional achievement and leadership in the industry. Her 30+ years in the business give her a broad base of experience with which to monitor, adapt and adjust to the cyclical real estate market.

Through the Council’s leading-edge education and resources, members are among the most efficient, effective and profitable managers in the country. The CRB designation singles you out as a leader in the industry and confers upon you the highest level of professional achievement and recognition in the specialized field of real estate business management.

The company excels in a wide-range of services including residential, commercial, Business Opportunities, REO Management, land, relocation and property management.